Grapher 1.3 has been released

Or support it with some money.
Everything has a cost.


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I understand losing the motivation, but I just wish the commitment of finding someone to maintain it would have been kept as well, as that wouldn’t have led to feeling as abandoned as quietly removing the LTS. It makes it worrying to support the new projects and rely on them as they might be dropped as well.

I don’t believe I have the knowledge to be a maintainer, but I would do what I could to support it if necessary.

Transitioning to Nova hopefully wouldn’t be that bad either, if there was at least a path for us to move over. If you’re reactive with Grapher it lost much of those big performance gains anyway, so it wouldn’t be a big deal to do reactivity with Meteor. But is it going to require a big refactor? And will LTS actually be maintained on Nova? Kinda reluctant to try after spending a few months with Grapher already, but may have to do it after the next deadline.

with a small change to the aggregate function, Grapher seems to perform well with Meteor 2.6 (Mongo 5). So … will see from here.
To be frank, I considered Theo living the environment from my first adoption of Grapher and I structured my methods so that I can replace Grapher with anything else and I designed my schemas to make sure I don’t have to use joint reactivity (reactivity over aggregations). If you don’t use reactivity over Grapher, Nova could possibly be easily adopted. I did not research yet the Mongo native complex queries in the latest version. I see Studio 3T can query Mongo with SQL like language so I expect this is the future of deserialization in my Meteor projects (as a replacement for Grapher).

You’d maybe share this modification ?

/grapher-master/lib/aggregate.js. new code:

import { Promise } from 'meteor/promise'

Mongo.Collection.prototype.aggregate = function (pipelines, options = {}) {
  return Promise.await(this.rawCollection().aggregate(pipelines).toArray())

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We could discuss how to keep grapher maintained.

One option of course is Meteor Community Packages and other option is Meteor Compat.

What do you guys think?


That’s what I suspect, but with a deadline coming up, I’m not able to experiment with Nova right now.

Any way to keep it maintained would be greatly appreciated! I just hope all the effort put in to Grapher the last few months won’t be for naught, that’s my primary concern.

We can’t keep all the opensource around Meteor maintained but we can help organize it in the Meteor compat org and provide releases/reviews when necessary.

Let’s see if the community wants to adopt it or not.

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Well, we are forgetting the creator and owner of the package. If @diaconutheodor agrees, then I have no problem taking it under community packages.

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I’m not excluding @diaconutheodor but as he is not going to support it anymore I would guess he would like help from the community to keep all the users supported.

But let’s see if he wants to say something here :wink:


Hi @filipenevola @storyteller
For the record, Theodor already stated on the community slack that he was ready to open the maintenance rights to the community. See printscreen attached.

If you two could unlock this, that would be great !


I’m reaching out to him.


Thank you @victor.

@storyteller let me know if you need help.

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Any updates on this?

One concern I have is for deployment on to MongoDB Atlas, as I believe they now require Meteor 2.6.

Last time I had checked, Grapher was not working with 2.6. Wondering if this was resolved?

You can fix this easily and keep a local package while a working version is being released.

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Was this in response to my comment?

If so, where’s information for the fix?

Could be very useful as our initial deployment may happen on this coming Friday.

Hi @Spyridon
Here is the (small) fi to make grapher works with meteor 2.6 : Grapher 1.3 has been released - #73 by paulishca

Or better, you can clone this fork in your local packages folder and get goin’ !


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This didn’t seem to work for me, when attempting to add it gives this error:

Any ideas on how to fix this one?

You may have a look here

I just want to report that using the fork linked above, and the linked suggestion of of “meteor add matb33:collection-hooks@1.0.1!” did indeed work, in case anyone else runs in to similar issues!