Graphing data from Mongo Atlas database into Meteor app

Hi everyone,

I’ve been playing around with my app and I would like to be able to take data from my Mongo database and graph it on my Meteor app. Nothing fancy just a basic graph. Is there a Meteor package which can help with this? Is it even possible? Any help would be appreciated.

I’ve been looking through the Meteor documentation and guides and so far haven’t been able to find anything.

Thank you!:slight_smile:

I assume you’re referring to data in your application, rather than MongoDB performance metrics?

There are lots of suitable charting packages. I would strongly recommend using npm packages rather than using one of the Meteor charting packages - in most cases these are just wrappers around npm packages and are likely quite back level now.

I would start by looking at chart.js and highcharts if you want good high-level methods (configuration over code). If you feel like rolling your own, you should look at d3.

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Hi Rob,
Thank you for your help!

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I have followed a few tutorials and documentation from the Chart.js website and although I’ve copied the html, js and css exactly as it is on the documentation, it simply shows a blank screen.
I typed meteor npm install chart.js --save and the console outputted:

-- chart.js@2.5.0 +-- chartjs-color@2.1.0 | +-- chartjs-color-string@0.4.0 | |– color-name@1.1.1
| -- color-convert@0.5.3– moment@2.17.1

So I assume Chart.js has been added to my app

Here’s one I made earlier:

Thank you! Great Help!!

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