Gravity - Let's build our own social network


Lately I was looking for a social network for programmers where I could hang out / chat with other guys and share e.g. new findings about / Meteor and JavaScript. I don’t mean the news aggregation sites. I mean something like Facebook but more informational rather than a collection of cat videos where I’m mentioned.

Unfortunately I was not able to find one. So I thought to myself why don’t we build our own social network with all the features we ever wanted!?

This shouldn’t be a rival to Telescope or other platforms.

Gravity is a community platform where we all can meet and connect more easily to get to know each other. A place where we can hang out. Developed in a way we want our social network to be.

Do we want a place to share photos from our meetups? Let’s develop it!
Do we need a place where we can post cool projects and share ideas about MVPs? Let’s build it!

Furthermore it should be a great learning experience for everyone and Meteor is a great platform to power this platform.

Here’s a link to the blog post:

You can find the repository here:

What do you think about this idea / project?


Perhaps it would be helpful if you could share some of your ideas around how this is different from Telescope or why we should not set up a Telescope based site to achieve a similar result.

I’d totally understand if the endgame is to have an open source social network app with less emphasis on news sharing.


Thank you for your response! That’s a good idea. I’ll update the post ASAP to reflect the vision!


you try the google hangs outs for meteor?


I like the idea, but feel it would be very difficult to scale with the current technology stack. I wouldn’t start on a social app without having support for a graph database. Neo4j support would be really nice.


Good idea! A Neo4j package for Meteor is already available. I’ll look into it.


I’m not sure if you are aware, but there has been quite a significant effort put into this space. Have a look at the packages in the Socialize namespace. Feel free to use these if you would like.


Thanks for the link! Very interesting. I was not aware that smth. like this exists!

Great job!


Thanks @pmuens, it is really good Idea to develop a social network app in meteor js like TeleScope, I really appreciate the effort from community and meteor forum.
I am going to contribute your open source project :slight_smile: