Great Experience with the Meteor Mentor Group So Far


This post describes why I joined the group and what my experience has been so far.


Thanks for the post, and thank you for your kind words.

And nice story telling there, you have a gift for writing :slight_smile:


@serkandurusoy Thanks for the compliments. I don’t like writing, but I do my best when I have to do it.


What’s the URL for the Meteor Mentor Group?


@vikr00001 you can follow along at Meteor Mentoring Group aka Meteor University and also send me your email address if you want to join our slack channel


Thanks for the invitation. I have messaged you my email address.


Hello that group seems a really good one, any chance on joining for me?


I’d like to join this group. Any way I can get an invite?


@ivanthemeh, @rubs You have to send your requests to @serkandurusoy


hello guys I would love to join the group how can I get a invite please?


@tomtom87 @ivanthemeh @rubs you should send me your email addresses.