Has anyone managed to get an exsting projet to work on windows?


i tried cloning a projet on Meteor windows , but it has issues with some packages ? how are you dealing with windows dev ? is it stable or should i just get a mac ?


Windows now has official meteor support.

That being said, some packages may have some specific binary incompatibility problems. For those cases, you can report them here, or better yet, at the issue tracker of those packages so that the maintainers take notice to hopefully provide fixes.

But, yes, do go get a mac!. Even better yet, install ubuntu on it :wink:


To specifically answer your question: Yes.

I have been developing on Windows (using Vagrant) for about 7 months. After installing Meteor 1.1 I was able to run my application without error fully on Windows, even with the 42 installed Meteor packages I require. As mentioned, there may be packages that don’t work. (A possible example: Velocity didn’t work using Vagrant and I have yet attempted it with a pure Windows environment.)


it’s stable, but packages (namely npm-container from npmrequire) are a pain & you’ll have to play around with them to get it to work. I switch between windows & osx and pull requests are now (almost) painless.

I hate to admit it, but OSX is really a joy to work in. Sure, Linux is good, too, but some days I’d rather work on my app instead of weeping softly into kernel command line. To each his own.


I guess I love the salty taste of tears on my cheeks. Ergo the occasional kernel build :stuck_out_tongue: But yes, osx is actually quite fun.


One issue I faced is that sometimes local packages are named with colon (author:package). It is ok with OSX and Linux, but a big no no in windows.


I think that specific problem is already solved by meteor which is now clever enough to not use colons in directory names.