Health Kit in Meteor

I have added health cordova plugin to my project using command
meteor add cordova:com.telerik.plugins.healthkit@0.3.8
But when i check for health kit using this code i get nothing

  function(isAvailable) {
    alert(isAvailable ? "HealthKit available :)" : "No HealthKit on this device :(")

i tried using navigator.plugins in place of window.plugins but i still got nothing.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Can you post your codorva+meteor plugin to github? I can check it out.

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Hello markoshust,
You can check this plugin on Github with following URL

Solved:The problem was i was unable to find Plugin_name.m file in the plugins directory in Xcode, so i manually added the Plugin_name.m file in build phases (you can find Plugin_name.m file in plugin->src->ios folder) and then copy (remove back-slashes) the feature name of plugin from ios.json file (which is present in cordova-builds folder) and added it in project’s config.xml file.
Plugin works fine and i’m getting step counts :slightly_smiling:

Note:- You may have to add all the files in build phases which is included in plugin_name.m file.

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Thank you for posting a followup! :smiley:

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For anybody searching the forums for HealthKit… as of June 2017, it appears that Apple has just announced support for Argonaut Project and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR).

See the Argonaut FHIR thread for the existing Meteor implementation:

And for Meteor packages of the FHIR resources that HealthKit will apparently eventually be supporting, see: