Hiring Aid/Tutor through freelancer.com for 15-30$/hr


Depending on where you’re from to how good I think you’re I’m paying 15 to 30 bucks. I feel like it’s safe to start at 15 bucks to avoid situations where it takes over 5 hours to fix a DB bug without schema.

Wow, this sounds great! Oh wait - I just got a job offer from McDonalds at a higher rate …

In all seriousness, if you’re looking for a good Meteor dev to help you out, you’re not going to find them with those rates. It doesn’t matter where in the world they live, if they’re competent they’re making WAY more than that. Be careful with anyone who bids.


So if I’m from a country you like, I’ll get $30 but if I’m from a country you don’t like, I’ll get $15? Interesting.

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I feel like everyone starts with $15 and if he is satisfied with first 40 hours than he raise it to 16$ for next 80 hours :smiley:

If you appear to be incompetent and wasteful of my time expect bad review.


Need aid with the project which will likely turn into me asking you to do stuff as I’m a inept with languages.

Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

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Still I love the weworkmeteor.com offers the most.
Looking for expirienced senior high skill super zen master developer.
You need to know portfolio of technologies from A to Z on github.
Start ASAP.
U sent them links to your stuff, in 4 hours reply as they are highly satisfied.
Than they ask for rate
Answer around 45E/h.
2 weeks later u get mail that they want to talk about “Best would be to get a fix price for the particular tasks”
“Ok” reply
No answer at all :smiley:

EDIT: I forgot about “they want test run this weekend” (that was wednesday)
You offload your weekend stuff and waiting for access/documents.
On Tuesday you get first reply that they are thinking about involving you…

Meanwhile, somewhere else on freelancer.com:

Hi - need Facebook clone. Be done fast, client waiting. No junk - good code only, very high quality. Pay really good depending on quality. Need Facebook clone done in 2 days. Must include Instagram. Will pay 125 US dollars for complete project and 10 US dollars for Instagram. If bad code or no delivering Facebook, will leave bad review. Good developers only, no time wasting.


Yea no world inequality is just astonishing as are McDonald rates, I happen to be on lower scale in the world, so I’m actually extending myself.

Out of all the freelancers on freelancer.com only 4 apper to know Meteor.js the others are ones that I refer to in spending 5 hours in fixing almost 50 lines of code with a collection. Has actually been fixed with repopulating database on every view.

Hey, the poor college student here from Help this poor college student get more involved! here. Although the title of my post wasn’t insinuating that I wanted to get paid for anything people told me, 15 $/hr sounds great to me. I’m looking forwards to the day that I can laugh at an offer like this!

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Well you’re definitely going to either laugh or get involved when it comes to 15$/hr. Respond to following topic: Using .yaml for autocomplete feature, and making calculations .