Hosting meteor in germany?

Hi guys,

after a lot of hard work on my first app (I am 80% done) soon the time will come to deploy the beast…

My target market is germany and I can already tell that my customers want a “HOSTED in GERMAN” sticker.
So BOTH METEOR as well as MONGO needs to be hosted here. Where exactly does NOT matter, but Frankfurt might be an option

Galaxy only supports Ireland and NOT Frankfurt, so it is NOT an option right now. :frowning:

All apps run in us-east-1 and eu-west. We’ll be rolling out support for other regions including Asia shortly.

So I guess I’ll have to do it myself and learn some devops? Damn, I’d really love to support MDG and give some $ back to them. Am I overseeing something?

What is the current simplest option to host a meteor-app in germany?
What technology works?
Is there a technology which can easily be scaled (meteor-containers and more mongo-power)?

I am really thankful for some tips :smile:

A vps at leaseweb is a good option

Yeah, serverwise I have had good experiences with Hetzner and heard good things about digitalocean.

BUT the question is: which tool do you use for deployment? And how easy is it scale on growing demands?
I guess leaseweb does NOT offer any mongo- and meteor-specific stuff?

heroku regions
ID Location Runtime
───────── ─────────────────────── ──────────────
eu Europe Common Runtime
us United States Common Runtime
frankfurt Frankfurt, Germany Private Spaces
oregon Oregon, United States Private Spaces
sydney Sydney, Australia Private Spaces
tokyo Tokyo, Japan Private Spaces
virginia Virginia, United States Private Spaces

The Heroku pipeline is great. Our app deploys to staging when we push commits to master branch. Then you get one-click promotion to production. Can run staging on a low-cost $7 hobby dyno.

use this buildpack

Maybe useful

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@maxkurama: Thanks for the hint.

I found this tutorial which does NOT look like I need any enhanced devop-skills (

2 questions

  1. Do you run mongo and meteor on the same machine then?
  2. How about scaling? Meteor/Mongo? Is it supported?

@maxhodges says look at the github ther u see attach to mongolabb as addon hope this helps

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Yeah nice stuff. Looks cool.

How about scaling the meteor instance? What if I want to scale up to use 2 containers? Is there such a thing like a load-balancer and related stuff??

Let me google “scaling heroku” for you

Heroku is pretty well documented

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@maxhodges Thanks for the link!

Can you confirm that scaling works as charme? Thats what I was actually asking: for some good confirmation that it WILL work :slight_smile:

How long do you recon does a newbie need to get this up and running? I got some minimal devops experience… minimal, but I’m not a total newbie

Thanks for your help man!

Took me about five minutes to deploy to heroku.
Setting up the pipeline took a little longer. Just try and if you get stuck post here for help!

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That sounds awesome!!!

Your mongo is on mlab in the same AWS region?

Yeah. My case US-east-1 Virginia I think

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Are u using Blaze or React if Blaze check

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@maxhodges Oh yeah! I’ll definetly check this solution out. I love how you explained your staging process. Can you even do that with galaxy? This is awesome!! We could then use a seperated CI to run Chimp-Tests against staging BEFORE deploying to production. Awesome!

@ericl: Yeah I am using @mitar 's BlazeComponents. Clusters seems to be arunoda-abandoneware. Are you using it successfully with 1.4 in combination with MUP?

No but i tested it on on linux unbuntu 16.04 tls with latest 1.4 i am still in development but mup is on my wishlist incl. herukan the app is an volunteer application so i have to keep the cost as low as possible. It is a package for residence and homelessness people.

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You need database hosting too right? Why don’t you try to find a German-based MongoDB provider and still use Galaxy for the processing. Then you could put a “You’re data is located in Germany” sticker at least :slight_smile:

But actually I don’t think doing devops yourself for a sticker like that is worth the effort. I’m using Galaxy both for my side project and for work and it’s a huge time-saver. So especially if you’re testing a business model with your app I’d suggest to stay lean and use Galaxy.

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@bergjs: Yeah thats a cool idea! I guess I could go with “Mlab Frankfurt” and Galaxy West and hope for galaxy to support Frankfurt soon. No the question is how big latency will be if Meteor & Mongo are NOT in the same datacenter. Have YOU had a chance to compare heroku with galaxy like @maxhodges suggested?

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@thebarty I never compared Heroku and Galaxy directly. So far we didn’t have any issues related to latency but I guess it depends on the type of app you are building and how important latency is for it. Again I would suggest to go with the easiest solution first and then optimize later.

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@bergjs: Yeah you are totally right about choosing the easiest solution and SHIP SHIP SHIP.

It is not so easy to find a mongodb hosted by a german provider. The only option I have found so far is, which is hosted in Swizz (DACH). Do you know any german paas?

German provider, no idea. But offers Frankfurt as location:

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