How can I possibly trust Meteor for real development work!


I have come to a conclusion that meteor can not be trusted in a real development environment.

I used Meteor in windows perfectly happily for sometime but a couple of weeks ago it simply stopped working.
Could not, and still can’t, run existing apps, create new apps or even update via the command line.

Even going back to an earlier version has no effect.
My only partial saving grace was that it still worked in Ubuntu, at least with regards new projects, but even that has now stopped working!!
I now find Meteor totally useless and nothing seems to be being done about it and windows users seem to be considered second class citizens.

I have now moved on and it is unlikely that I will waste my time with Meteor again because we all have to rely on the MDG producing reliable stable working versions of Meteor and it’s not something they seem able to do.

So my question remains ‘why would anyone use Meteor in a real world paying web developing project?’


Quick question: Have you submitted a bug report?


I have to say that I grow tired of reading these emo/meta posts. I don’t really understand the point.

Are we (the community of devs) supposed to convince you to use a technology that you already have no faith in?

Or do you expect a direct response from mdg? If that’s the case, you’d likely be better off filing a bug report, as suggested above.

Every piece of software has its pros and cons. And every piece of software will undoubtedly perform better in one environment than another. Don’t blame mdg for treating windows like a second class citizen when it’s been everything that Microsoft has done to Windows that makes devs run from it.

Is it time for a “drama” category?



A) You’re using Windows.

B) Try ‘meteor reset’ in the app dir?

C) Remove userland Meteor installation (~/.meteor) and try again.

D) fdisk /dev/sda && install *nix


I wish this forum have a Vote Down button like Stack Overflow.

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If one comment gets too many Vote Down, it will collapse automatically.


The “Flag” button kind of does that. If a post gets flagged enough times, it gets hidden. I’m not sure that throwing a pointless tantrum really constitutes a flaggable offence though.


I know this is a Meteor forum and therefore full of Meteor fanboys but the responses to a reasonable statement based on my own, and as it turns out many other Meteor/windows users is quite pathetic and blinkered ( at least a couple of the posts made me laugh though so thanks for that :slight_smile:

Just for the record I have issued a bug report but have not yet been able to solve the issues.

To vigorwebsolutions
Really. ‘every piece of software has it pros and cons. And every piece of software will undoubtedly perform better in one environment than another’. Performing better is not the issue, Performing at all is!!
If MDG did not want to support windows then that is their choice and I would respect that but to support windows and then screw it up is not the fault of anyone else but MDG. I had no updates to my system between the time Meteor did work and then didin’t so the buck clearly falls on the MDG.

To iDoMeteor:

  1. So what? Meteor worked fine on Windows told to update and then nothing works. Yes just laugh it off!!
  2. B and C already done (numerous times) with no success.
  3. Really!! fdisk is your recommendation!!!

To Hongbo_Miao & babrahams
So I am expected to be happy. That the MDG actually f****dup the latest Meteor windows installation.
Oh yes I can just see all the Linux people laughing hysterically if it happened to them and they have wasted weeks of work!

If Meteor was not supposed to work in windows then I would not have a reason to complain but it is supposed to support windows but no longer does. Do they even test it in a windows environment? Given the number of people who are having problems with the windows installation I suspect not. Once Meteor supports Windows I have a right to expect it will always support windows else be advised that the latest version does not so don’t update!


Ah, I feel your pain, James. Meteor can be super … let’s say quirky to
say the least. If it makes you feel any better, I don’t think they test on
Firefox either, at times I feel like the only Meteor FF user out there, lol.

If you want to get a pic of the MDG internals… just read the console.log
code… oh wait, it’s called __debug.

Unfortunately for you, I wrote my original witty reply (which I had to make
up bullet points for because a post must be 20 chars apparently) write
before I read the 1.3.X saga drama, (it’s a trending post) which thoroughly
explains (most likely) your problems.

As for using Windows… well, you’ve wasted way more time by using that
then by using Meteor, I can assure you.


The issue is Meteor can tell what system you are building on and if the latest version was not going to work on windows then it should not advising me to update.
If Meteor stopped supporting Windows at that point it would not of been a big issue. I would not of updated existing projects and moved to Ubuntu (installed as a virtual system with virtual box) for new projects.
However now that Meteor has been updated even using an older version does not work. So until the window issue(s) are resolved I can’t run any existing meteor apps. I have not been able to port the windows apps to Ubuntu as I get a number of errors, especially regarding Mongo, even if I rebuild the projects.


Meteor will never stop supporting Meteor.


Opps. My mistake, now corrected but I certainly hope you are right!!


Now you’re leading me to meteor-tool (‘meteor’ from the cli) issues, which
drive me nuts lol. My ~/.meteor/packages/meteor-tool directory is like
12.5 gb… insane. And I think it reads every line of every file of that
12.5gb every time I start an app. Annnd it has previously broken projects
by doing things it did not ask for permission for, nor even tell me about.

However, Meteor is awesome. It’s like the PHP or Perl of Javascript
glue. You can take a bunch of random JS pieces and try to tie them all
together to make your own wanna-be imitation…or just accept that it’s
really not easy, it’s still just 1.x software and JS-infrastructured apps are
still pretty cutting edge.

In light of my snarky initial comment, I’ll offer to take a peek and offer
some suggestions if you like and if so you can hit me @ gmail.

– email reply thread removed - was afraid it might do that :slight_smile:


Ew, I hope Meteor isn’t the PHP or Perl of anything… also


lol, i’m actually making a sneak peek vid atm :slight_smile:

Perl & PHP are both amalgamations of a wide pool of related tools… so is Meteor. :expressionless:

I suppose you could write your real-time web apps in C if you’re that hardcore about it.


misspells word
is called out for misspelling word
feels bad

uses word nobody understands to assert dominance and prove superior intellect

Perl, PHP, and Meteor are all part of a larger pool of similar tools.

Ah, much better.

All joking aside, what are we talking about anymore?


Now just bumping a craptastic topic. ;>


Not to be a jerk but how can anyone use Windows for real world web development?

It’s a valid choice but one with known issues with open source tooling thats based on Linux. With web tooling it’s even more geared towards OSX first then Linux second and if there’s enough time/resources test on Windows. You will guarantee yourself plenty of Windows vs Unix issues for some time to come.

If you’re doing paying development I would thoroughly vet upgrades before using and check the Github issues with new versions.



Maybe you should add your CV or project portfolio into your forum profile, so it would be easier to others to weigh your arguments. At the moment it seems that you just got your first guitar in the beginning of the summer and now getting back to shop because guitar can do shit, while others feel quite different and they are knowing how to have fun with it.

I am not rude, but meteor is GitHub #1 Web Dev Framework, so cannot be competely shit


You should make a backup of the whole project directory before updating so that you can revert to it if there are any problems afterward. I learned that the hard way.


You are right and if I had had any doubts that a simple update would wreak the havoc it did I would of done so. Unfortunately at the time all previous meteor updates had worked fine so did not prepare for any negative outcome.