How can my app receive a data from an IoT device?


I’m working on a project where I have a baremetal embedded device (microcontroller) connect to the internet through a cellular connection. The device is able to do POST and PUT messages.

I’m still pretty new to Javascript, node, and and Meteor. I’m trying to figure out how I can receive some data from my device that can send the PUT messages; I need the device to initiate the connection, not the Meteor app. I’ve tried searching the web, but to be honest, I’m not completely sure about the exact interplay between the node server, Meteor, and the database, and what to search for.

Would this be something that Meteor can do, or would it have to be a separate program running on the same server as the Meteor app is running on, and they would somehow communicate.

If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

It is easy enough to create a REST API on Meteor’s server side. It sounds as if your little device also exposes a REST API.

It is easy enough to call a REST API from Meteor’s server side. You have not indicated whether your device can call a REST API.

Does your device have a continuously accessible IP address? If so, I suggest you look into your device’s ability to initiate connections just enough to bundle it’s API access credentials and PUT them to your Meteor server’s API. You can then program Meteor to poll your device periodically.

You should check if the device is capable of acting like an MQTT client, in which case, you would not have to think about connection initiation or retention. Your devices would then communicate with an MQTT broker, to which your Meteor app would also connect, to ultimately communicate with your devices.

Thanks for the suggestions, I will look into those!

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