How debug my meteor app?


I am pretty new to Meteor and I am wondering how I can debug my app. I would like to be able ideally to run my app and see it live in a debugger where I can put break points, see the value of my variables and so on.

I am using IntelliJ as my Meteor IDE. I did try the IntelliJ debugger. I am able to run my app and set breaks. The IDE is connected to Google Chrome while I am debugging. But each time the debugger reach my break point of interest, Chrome crashes. I would like to try with Firefox instead but I was unable to change the configuration of the IDE to make it so. So this is not very useful.I was unable to make this solution work properly so I am looking for an alternative.

I did try to install node-inspector. But I was unable to proceed due to a few installation errors. Missing dependencies I guess. I was unable to resolve the issue by installing the missing dependencies manually. I had other errors instead.

Last thing I did was trying the meteor debug command. But I don’t see my sources files in the web interface. I almost have an empty blank screen. It seems that something is going wrong there too. I am unable to interact with the gui to do something productive.

So nothing is working well for me today on this issue. :frowning: I am felling sad.

Do you have effective suggestion to propose? How are debugging your meteor app and is your solution satisfying?

Thank you for sharing.

I am actually debugging both server and client code on Webstorm (with Google Chrome) and have not hit problems except for memory usage increasing for rather extended debugging sessions.

I changed my code and no longer have the bug crashing my IDE.

But breakpoints inside functions that are inside another function do not work. Do you have the same problem?

I discover that the command meteor debug works with Google Chrome but not with Firefox. :smile: The interface is working well in Chrome.

But clicking the little triangle to see the properties of an object or the contain of an array does not work.

did you try mousing over any watched/unwatched variable and doing ctrl+F1? that’s shortcut for evaluating the variable/expression under the cursor

I usually debug the client code with std Chrome Developer tools or Firebug and just the server code with IntelliJ. I still like the idea of knowing where the code is executed.