How do I remove the import/export in my meteor app?

I would like to load all my files by default everywhere rather than use the imports folder and the import command everywhere. Can anyone please show me how to do this? I want to use Meteor 1.3.1 (i am aware that if i add an older release in the .meteor/release file, I will be able to solve my issue)

1.3 is backwards compatible - it works the same as before, except that files inside folders named ‘imports’ are not loaded unless explicitly imported (using the import syntax)

You can get rid of Meteor Modules with a simple terminal command ($ meteor remove modules). For more information about modules removal, read @rwatts at the end of this topic: Meteor 1.3 Importing / Exporting Collections

you can’t remove modules package because ecmascript package implies it: and I gues everyone wants to use es6 and babel nowadays :wink: