How do you run your payroll with international employees?

Hi guys,

when you’ve got a startup, no matter where, it’s pretty certain you can’t find talent locally so you’ll have to collaborate and work together remotely across timezones.

How do you run your payrolls when you have staff from all over the globe? Something like Small Businesses HR Services & Payroll Solutions | ADP or maybe?

You do not want payroll because payroll implies that those employess are either working for a company set up in their respective countries as your subsidiary (meaning you have to set up a company in that country) or you have arranged working visas for them to come work for your company in your country. Either case is a long-term commitment with also requires some sort of scale for the foreseable future.

What you want is for your “employees” to simply become your outsource “contractors”. They either set up their own companies (most freelancers already do) or work through an agency and from there it is like any service, they invoice their hours or their monthly fixed fees, you send the sums to their bank accounts (or paypal etc where applicable) and they pay their own taxes.

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Maybe use Dwolla to do direct bank transfer weekly or monthly

Dwolla requires US bank account but that’s where Payoneer comes in. You can set up a US Account (routing number/account) pointed to a local account in most countries.

We use Dwolla too) It`s rather comfortable)

I use to pay for international contractors. Great Service.

I use Transerwise, its very simple and good.