How to connect Redis Vent outside of Meteor

Anyone know how to connect Redis Vent outside of Meteor?
For reactive notifications.

I recently posted on Meteor forum for a help on this:

I plan to use Meteor only for manage reactive messages to be sended to an user in an external application.
But, at moment I did all reactive stuff using Redis Oplog, now I don’t know a way to link a webscocket to send it to other projects.

// first Vent should to connect on a remote server where Meteor is
import {Vent} from 'meteor/cultofcoders:redis-oplog';
const handler = Vent.subscribe('threadMessage', {threadId});
handler.listen(function ({message}) {
    // handle it
    // the object receives is the one returned from the 'on' function

At the end, It will connect to a specific user and with all users via broadcast to show notifications to them in real time.