Sending Reactive Data from Meteor To An External Application

How could I send reactive data to an external application?

Per example: There are two projects, one called Meteor1 and other called VueJS24. Both are totally separated, what I desire is send data from Meteor1 to VueJS24 in a reactive way, live update and so on.

Is there any possibility to work on this?

What would be the items needed?

Primarily I was trying to use ReactiveDict. Any help is welcome.

Redis-oplog can help on this

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Thank you, I’ll look at it.

I have no experience with Vue, but we use simpleDDP package when we want reactive data but no Meteor overhead. It’s easy to implement in a simple nodeJS Script and works with ws npm package. It can be imported and used within any JS app and it is considerably light. So it might work for you if you need a simple fast solution.
You can subscribe to collections and call methods just like any other Meteor client.

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Thanks, I really appreciated it.