How to create & open source reusable UI components and mock meteor functionality?


Hi guys,

we’re planning to open source many of our Polymer components soon which are sometimes using meteor functionalities here and there. We’re thinking of making it framework agnostic eventually, though for now we’ll keep it tied to Meteor’s backend.

I’m currently researching how to publish our components on npm/github. The problem of publishing those components and especially the demos of the components however is that there is no more free hosting, so how can we demo the components without a meteor server running? Can you run a meteor server on github? Is there a free way to do so in a reliable way that won’t cause a lot of headache since we’re doing this on the side and of course have to prioritize work on our business.


AFAIK GitHub only allows static pages. Free Meteor hosting is available with Heroku & mLab:


as @reoh mentioned, the easiest no-cost solution for me has been Heroku, I wrote about it here :