How to generate public MONGO_URL using mup

Hi Everyone,

I have deployed my project on Amazon EC2 machine, and its running fine. I need to know how to get the MONGO_URL for my app So that I could connect the DB with some other machine.

I have also used MLab generated MONGO_URL, and I know the pattern a MONGO_URL should have.

Also, I need to generate the username and password with MONGO_URL. Please help.

@robfallows, Can you provide any suggestions here?

Sorry, I don’t use mup. However, if you’re hosting MongoDB on MLab, you will have your URL (and security details) available on there.

Thanks for your time but I can’t use mlab for existing project.

@zodern, Can you provide any suggeestion ?

So, where are you running Mongo?

Mup automatically installs Mongo, its on AWS EC2 Machine.

Okay - so is that a replica set on a single EC2 instance?

yes, its a live instance on AWS and I can’t get the db backup from it

There is more than one way to skin a cat:

1. Get the backup locally, and scp the backup out

a) In our deployed server:

$ cd ~ ; mongodump --out backups/20181124 --db < db name >

b) In your local machine (or where your backups will stay):

$ cd ~/backups ; scp -r deployed.server:backups/20181124/* 20181124/

2. Connect to mongodb remotely

What you are looking for, but consider option 1:

I personally use option 1, seems simpler and safer.

I tried this command, but not working. How to take backup of Mongodb, App deployed using Mup js I have also posted a question regarding this also.