How to install Meteor in a different location outside home?

I want to choose where Meteor will be installed. How can I accomplish that?

Not sure if this is the answer to the question you’re asking, but …

When you install Meteor (curl|sh) you are installing the Meteor development environment.

If you want to deploy developed code, you don’t install Meteor - you deploy built and bundled code.

There are several options for deploying your app “outside home”, but you should start by reading the Meteor Guide Build system.

Edit: Check out this topic, too:

Hi Rob! Thanks for your answer!

My question is really about development environment.
What I want to accomplish is a single Meteor installation shared by all system users.

Did you could help me to accomplish that?

Well, as long as you have a server (or VM or whatever) with command line access it will be no different to a local installation.

Having said that, git + individual local installations + agreed workflow is a much better practice.

Thanks for your reply!

I think this is a good practice, indeed.
Anyway, seems to me that Meteor was not intended to be used in a wide system installation, right?