How to see what's taking too much ram in a Meteor app?

Earlier I ran about 6 Meteor apps in a 512MB server without much issues. But now I’m running 4 in a 1GB server and already the ram usage is 72.5%. I suspect one app. I can see that the node process is using 615MB of ram. How can I see what’s exactly the problem in my apps?

Have you tried

Yes. But I’m a bit new and don’t think their free version can show me what’s wrong (Or I couldn’t find it). This is not a big app to go premium :slightly_smiling:

As node is single-threaded, I think you may need to use nginx to isolate each app to its own node process to be certain which is eating your memory.

Great! How can I do this with Nginx?

Maybe this tutorial will help…

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Wow… Passenger for Meteor? I have used Passenger earlier but it was with Rails. Can we use it mup? Won’t it add a bit more overhead than running without it?

Or this tutorial (for DO):

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