How to stay on Meteor 1.2.1 or go back

On windows 7- 64 I used Meteor 1.2.1 to build a prototype which was running fine with approx. 15 user in a local intranet.
With the introduction of 1.3 the 1.3 package where automatically loaded and since than the application startup takes relatively long, I see frequent connection losses on the clients and sometimes the server exits with code 3 and restarts.
I have tried ,eteo update --release 1.2.1. I start the Meteor app with the --release 1.2.1 parameter without improvements.
I even downloaded 1.3.1 while keeping app on 1.2.1 but no improvement.
Is there a way to get fully back to a Meteor 1.2.1 installation on Windows?
Just a reinstall will always install the latest 1.3.

Btw just like I read in other topics, the clean install on windows takes forever and not minutes like is displayed in the installation popup view. Is there a muyia; component in the installer and 1.3 that can cause the slownyness on windows?

Any suggestions?

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I have the same problem - I attempted to downgrade to 1.2.1, but it didn’t work. So, I deinstalled 1.3.1 completely, and then went looking for the instructions for how to do a fresh install of 1.2.1, and couldn’t find them!

The curl script for installing meteor isn’t tied to a specific meteor version which is why you can’t find what you’re looking for, but you should be able to specify a release version when creating a meteor app like this :

meteor create myapp --release 1.2.1