How/where do you find 'meteor' developpers for your porject?

Just interested. Here in Hungary the framework is not yet well known, and can’t find developpers who have experience with meteor.

Thanks a lot!

See this post for some meteor job boards:

There are a couple more I don’t recall right now.

Also, crowdsourcing sites have long begun listing meteor jobs/talent if you are up for remote hires.

But all in all, if you get your hands on a good javascript full-stack developer who is open to some paradigm shifts that meteor introduces, you will have yourself a meteor developer in a couple of weeks :wink:

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you could dm me and let’s talk :wink: , I know some other guys too, perhaps we fit your project



You can use (:


Do you have some stats, that how many of these positions are already filled?
Or the site is just displaying positions that are still open?


I don’t have, but I’ve taken 3 jobs there by myself (: displays all jobs that have been posted within last 90 days, unless they have been removed by the author - a large portion (~40%) of postings are removed within a week or two of submission, so the odds are pretty good that the more recent listings are still truly active - i don’t have hard stats around hiring as i typically don’t follow up on each listing