Howl of despair


not sure that I will find support here, but I consider it necessary to speak out.
I’m at a loss.
I met meteor couple years ago and was delighted with its simplicity, elegance and predictable learning curve.
I did some of my pet-projects on the meteor + blaze, while working on a production with other frameworks (ember, angular 1/2)

Decided to take a new pet-project, for which need CMS. What I felt upset to learn that all of a few CMS that I found - not supported, a lot of issues unreplied, the last commit 2 years ago …
Same with atmosphere-packages.
Something interesting is on the third page of Google, there is no single source of helpful resources.

You say, Blaze outdated. Okay. What about React?
Why is not there official MDG repository or someone trusted with links of cool projects, plugins, development?
Somehow, it seems that the meteor community is very fragmented, undulating. Someone got carried away and threw half a year.

Is this true, or am I wrong?

The CMS thing is because at some point in every developers life, he or she thinks he has to create a CMS from scratch. Only to realize later there’s absolutely no one waiting on something that does 1% of what Drupal/Wordpress already does for years.


@seba, say this to orionjs or spacedrop developers

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I guess the simple answer is… that there is no simple answer. The cool stuff we want is free because the cool stuff that is not free we don’t want. Someone is developing those cool stuff, usually smart guys. The guys, and girls, developing the cool stuff are not so fond of maintaining and supporting old stuff because they are busy developing new cool stuff.

I, too, was delighted by Meteors simplicity and I, too, are disappointed of what it has become. It is better now, no doubt, but a lot of the simplicity is gone. AtmospehereJs is almost useless for a “modern” Meteor app with it’s fancy imports and exports. I guess that is fine in many ways because a lot of the cool stuff was wrappers for other cool stuff and those wrappers are not needed anymore.

Unfortunately, removing the need for wrappers also removed a lot of the simplicity. Granted, it might have not removed absolute simplicity, but it sure made it more difficult to keep track of things since we now need to know more, understand more, about node, npm and so on. We need to know more and the information must be gathered from more different sources.

I think Meteor is still helpful but it has become more difficult to know what it actually is.

I have been thinking a lot about what I would pay for something like Meteor, something like Autoform. If I would. I do know, though, that as long as we do not pay, the smart guys, and girls, will continue searching for something that brings home the bacon, or the tofu, and we just have to follow.


@ralof, and what’s your decision? Do we need THIS Meteor at all? Or maybe just switch to Firebase + any other more popular framework, where we have up-to-date working stuff, community with big vendors behind the back… ?

Best answer ever on the matter. Or any other small plugin that gets build and drowns into the void :smiley:

There’s only one constant in web development right now - everything is always changing. You can build a modern app with Meteor today just like you could 3 years ago, but the technologies and libraries involved are a bit different. If you had built an app with Firebase 3 years ago you would be in exactly the same position - you always need to be learning new things.

Consider that if you built an app with Angular 1, which is probably what you would have used with Firebase in 2014, you would right now be in the process of rewriting everything to use Angular 2 or React.

I’m not sure if there is any platform at all you could have used instead of Meteor that would have given you a better result in terms of ongoing support and backwards compatibility, but of course things can always be better.

Anyway, it seems like the same conversation has been had on the forum dozens of times at this point - I don’t know if anything new is going to come up this time around. Is this thread helpful for past, current, or future Meteor developers?


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