Howto show name from Users collection from v-for datelist.voters (array of ids)


I have some v-select dropdown boxes where names must be placed. Now I only have the users ID but howto show the name from the Users collection that match the id instead of the id? (id comes from events and attending ids collection field)

                        <v-select v-model="e11" :hint="`${datelist.voters.length} kan den dato/tid`" :items="datelist.voters" item-text="name" item-value="name" :label="`${datelist.datenew} ${datelist.datestarttime} ${datelist.dateendtime}`" persistent-hint return-object single-line prepend-icon="person_pin">


Publish the names via Meteor.users.find({_id: {$in: [ ... ]}, {fields: {"":1}})

But is it a computed, methods, watcher I must use and how? I have the array from a v-for where I get datelist.voters (user1,user2,user8…)

I have made a codepen that show the problem:

I have tried with computed and methods but cant figure it out. How to pass the datelist.voters array to a computed/method or other? and change the voter id to the voters name from the users collection

Solution: Howto console-log this? collection._docs._map.hFQteqSBCmGgLZTTP.firstname