IDE or Text Editor

So this August 2016, meteor recently released 1.4. What would all of you recommend to use as a text editor or an IDE?

I like Atom’s customisability

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Check out Visual Code


+1 for Visual Code (said a former Atom user)

VS code is great, but Atom still has a lot of features I miss, like better find/replace IMO. But those are definitely the top 2 for me.

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Atom user here. Tried a lot of other editors (including WebStorm), but always returned back. It’s highly customizable, supports a whole lot of different language schemes and is easy to use. The only two things I really dislike: the search function and its inability to open very large files.

Odd - that’s my favorite part!

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Yeah, I saw your comment on that :slight_smile: But I really dislike it, it’s quite inflexible compared to other editors. For instance, I am missing the configurable filters functionality offered in Brackets. It’s quite hard to define which folders should be excluded from a search in Atom. You have to adjust this in the settings, and it still doesn’t work as expected in many cases. A configurable, extensible filter is so much easier to handle.

The find/replace is a little less intuitive/flexible than I remember from sublime text also, but I do like the github-like diff and multi-file capabilities.

I like Atom a lot too, aside from the battery issues. It consumes a TON of battery.

Regardless, I don’t think there’s anything better than it right now though. Like Reoh said, it’s totally flexible and customizable.

surprised to see no Vim user ?

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how is the visual code intellisense vs atom’s autocomplete? javascript and specific meteor syntax wise?

Sublime user here. Fast and customizable. What I really miss is the good auto-import for js modules(there is exist some plugin for sublime, but it works not really well).

And what I’m missing more is something like CLI for meteor. It’s really depressive to add new CRUD instance with all these import statements and identical methods.

I’m a vim user, but I lie to everyone and tell them I’m using emacs. That way I’m caught in a self perpetuating flame war with myself, and am therefore completely resilient to all hackernews editor flame wars.


I’d recommend IntelliJ (or Webstorm). I bought a license a few years back and have found it more than worthy for any project I’ve worked on. Meteor support through plugins is fantastic!

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I use mostly Vim / IntelliJ IDEA / C9 (locally installed). Sometimes Emacs, which is the best of the best, but I still can’t find time (since the last year) to repair my configs, which made Emacs running veeeery slow over time.

Vim - when I need to make/see something quickly. C9 (it is really well balanced IDE - scoped find/replace, visual git support, very fast) for the most of the small to medium Meteor projects. IDEA - for larger projects and for mobile development (React Native). JetBarins products have really great find/replace, git support, autocomplete and refactoring, but there is the price for it - CPU-hungry reindexing. And It’s a pity that IDEA lacks ObjectiveC/Swift support.

As for Atom, I have it installed and use it sometimes to edit markdown files (very nice preview there).

VS Code all the way :slight_smile: It’s so lightweight, brings all the features i need but not a bit more.

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VS, Atom or Webstorm

Atom is hardest to configure, may have perfomance problems but customised as hell.
Webstorm prepared for Meteor penetration, have no perfomance problems, not quite customized.
VS the golden middle(closer to Webstorm in terms of weight).

I’ve only really used Webstorm and chose it because of the nicely integrated debugging of both the server and client. Is that easy to setup on VSCode and Atom ?


I use Vim and I love to preach about it, i got stickers, shirt and a button on my backpack. My co-workers use Sublime and Coda. I haven’t been able to convince them to use Vim. Maybe they love their carpal tunnel and clicking on things and such…