Indirect dependencies, will they update at some point?

When I run meteor update I get this:

Newer versions of the following indirect dependencies are available:
 * cosmos:browserify 0.5.1 (0.8.1 is available)
 * practicalmeteor:chai 1.9.2_3 (2.1.0_1 is available)
 * practicalmeteor:loglevel 1.1.0_3 (1.2.0_2 is available)
 * sanjo:meteor-files-helpers 1.1.0_7 (1.2.0_1 is available)
To update one or more of these packages, pass their names to `meteor update`.

Is it best to leave these alone since other packages depend on them? I assume the authors of the packages I’ve installed will eventually bump these dependencies up to a newer version?

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According to semantic versioning rules, and assuming that those package authors (of the indirect dependencies) do honor them, those updates should not harm your app, in fact may as well benefit from hotfixes. But of course, it is always best to test to make sure.