Installing Fomantic UI with latest version


I have tried multiple times and multiple ways to install the latest version of Fomantic UI, but I don’t manage to do it.

Why do I want to install this package you ask? Right now there is a meteor integration of the original package that I’m currently using (semantic:ui), the thing is, that is pretty outdated as the original contributors to the semantic ui package stopped updating it, then we have the fomantic-ui package that is a fork created from the original semantic-ui, I would like to install this new Fomantic UI package as it has updated components like “placeholders” or “flyouts” that look pretty attractive and would be really useful in my app.

Does someone know what to do or has the Fomantic package installed in their Meteor app?

Thank you.

Hi, are you familiar with local Meteor packages?

Hey, do you mean the packages from Atmosphere that you can install using meteor add <package_name>, or the local packages that I have installed in my app.
In the last case, are you talking about the folder node_modules or the filter packages installed in the root of the meteor project?
In both cases yeah, I’m familiar.

ok, how about you try to take down semantic:ui as a local package and update it with the files from Fomantic UI based on the migration steps. This comment about file names might be useful: Semantic UI vs Fomantic-UI · fomantic/Fomantic-UI · Discussion #1422 · GitHub

Hey, thank you very much for the fast answer.
Could you explain how could I do that pls? It will really help me in order to not make any mistakes.

Thank you so much!

Which part would you like to have explained?

The part of “try to take down semantic:ui as a local package and update it with the files from Fomantic UI based on the migration steps”.

Maybe I mistook what I had to do and I though I would be able to do, because so, an explanation would be really helpful just to make sure I don’t make any mistakes!

“Uninstall semantic:ui from Meteor”
“Download the semantic:ui as local package”.

Thank you so much and sorry @paulishca !


FALSE: ok, this seems to be the most updated version of the package: GitHub - Semantic-Org/Semantic-UI-Meteor: Official Semantic UI Integration for Meteor.
It seems that the package is being generated by this: GitHub - Semantic-Org/Semantic-UI-Meteorize: Meteorize Semantic UI
So your new package will have to be re-generated with your new library.

All Meteor packages contain a package.js file and this is where you will be having the links into your packages files so that you can import from.

Under your project root folder (e.g. /app) create a folder and name it packages.
Copy the downloaded package (from Github) into the packages folder.
meteor remove package_name (remove the one installed from Atmosphere)
meteor add package_name adds it from your local packages.
Now you can start with migrating one to the other.

Ok thinking about this again … I think you should just abandon the Meteor package and just go with the NPM: Formantic UI NPM Installation

One of the things I tried is installing the Fomantic UI package using the npm meteor npm install fomantic-ui and followed the npx gulp and stuff but I arrive into a point where there are problems of gulp dependencies or small packages that are deprecated and I can’t fix them.