IntelliJ debug stopped working with Meteor 1.2


Hi, I used to debug the server side using IntelliJ’s built in debug functionality, but after update to Meteor 1.2 it does no longer work. I still get the same messages starting the debug mode:

W20151019-17:55:48.508(2)? (STDERR) debugger listening on port 59085
I20151019-17:56:01.049(2)? Server started
=> Started your app.

=> App running at: http://localhost:3000/

But it ignores my breakpoints…

Any IDEA’s?


This is happening in Webstorm as well but was fixed…See [here][1]. I’m running Intellij 14.1.5 but still haven’t gotten it to work even though as of today, it’s up to date. I’ve tried updating from 1.2.0 to Meteor 1.2.1 as well and still no luck debugging the server-side code… although it was working at one point.

I’m a Meteor/Intellij newbie so maybe it was actually fixed and haven’t done the steps correctly?
[1]: Debugging not working for Meteor 1.2 apps in Webstorm?


I tried with IDEA 15 EAP and the debugger works in that one, so I stay with it.