Is Meteor going to be a standard node module someday?


Since Meteor started, the node ecosystem has evolved quite a bit and npm is the standard way to manage modules.
It is understandable that early on Meteor went with its own packaging system with atmosphere for instance; and it’s nice to see efforts from MDG to better support what has now become the standard way to deal with that.

Is this effort going to continue to a point where Meteor will be one (or several) standard npm module, much like express is? It’s not on the roadmap so I was wondering :slight_smile:

On another note, it’d be nice to have a file import system that is coherent with node’s. Things like not being able to import from hidden folders, the server/client forced separation (which is very annoying with SSR), or auto import of all files in the scope are nice to get started but then become very annoying (at least this has been my experience) what’s the roadmap for that?


That’s the plan for 1.5! Take a look at this PR

There’s this thread also: Excited to know that work on Meteor 1.5 has been started