Is there a good reason for me to use the Meteor Collection or switch to Mongoose for data access layer when using apollo?

Aside from no hassle of setting up Mongoose model/schema what are my benefits of using the Meteor Mongo Collection on my graphql (using apollo) on querying and mutating MongoDB?

Is it still advisable to use the meteor mongo or just switch to other MongoDb Js driver?

It would be really nice when Meteor Mongo came out as npm module.

Preferably a base module, without fiber wrappers.

That way it will be a lot easier to migrate to Apollo.

As a big plus, unit testing will also benefit from this.

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If you use Meteor’s Mongo.Collection instead of Mongoose, you will be able to seamlessly transition parts of your app between Apollo, methods and pub/sub and have those features coexist so that you can have the best of both worlds.

Furthermore, you’ll have out of box synchronous coding style that you would otherwise need to craft yourself resorting to additional tools or language features.

Of course, as Apollo matures, we may see some, if not all, features of the existing collections api implemented as native Apollo features, thus allowing us to have best of both worlds in the Apollo world alone.

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