Is this forum completely useless?

why are there so many unanswered questions?

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Because nobody answered them.

Now seriously. There will always be some unanswered questions. Reasons may be different - f.e. part of the questions is too narrow in scope and simply nobody knows the answer because of lack of experience with similar issue.

If you have a question that didn’t get an answer here but you’d like it to be addressed in particular, please post the link and we’ll do our best.


I’ve been visiting this form for some time and generally my personal impression is different from yours. I see many experienced and smart people with very friendly attitude.


Also, some questions are really basic, that shouldn’t be asked if someone either went through the tutorials, or did a search in this forum / StackOverflow. I personally try to answer some, but recognize that if a developer is really lazy, they will hit more roadblocks down the road anyway.


<rant>Or if people don’t bother to put their code in tripple-backticks, I won’t even read the question</rant>


Surely you mean:

<rant>Or if people don't bother to put their code in triple-backticks, I won't even read the question</rant>

Oh this is so true.

const BulletPoint = ({ text, veryImportant = false }) => (
  <li style={{ color: veryImportant ? 'red' : 'black' }}>{title}</li>

const ForumEtiquette = () => {
  const stuffYouShouldDo = [
    { title: 'explain your problem' },
    { title: 'give some sample code' },
        veryImportant: true, 
        title: 'put your code into backticks ```, so that it is easy to read and understand'

  return (
      <h1>Hi, we 'd like to help you</h1>
      <p>But please, do the following when you have a question:</p>

            (props, index) => <BulletPoint key={index} {...props} />


Not using code blocks is super annoying. They’re the same people who also don’t use proper punctuation or grammar.

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There are no useless forums … just useless questions.


IMHO, Meteor has one of the most helpful communities I ever experienced. Though I also see more unanswered questions than some months ago. I guess this is due to the increasing fragmentation of the framework. But overall, answer rate is still very good.


I can’t brace myself, I need to say this:

line 1 and 2: text should be title
line 20: a <ul> to wrap the bulletpoint list items would be semantically better, and of course for styling


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fixed :wink:

the ul was my intention, but i forgot it :disappointed_relieved:

Hey no worries, some of your posts on this completely useless forum (and some on github) have already saved me some hours, I could only return the favor :wink:

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Agree with the above. PLEASE absorb this and tell your friends who post here! Triple backtick followed by “js”.

my JS code here

And I also agree, sometimes question quality is very low. Someone hasn’t done basic research (or just Google!), or the question is too broad (“how do I build a SaaS?”).

Also, don’t just post and say you’re getting an error, without copying/pasting that error! Surround your error block in triple backticks too, because sometimes the formatting is important (carets pointing to things).

@stonsc why are there no answered replies to your answer?
You have started this post, now there are nearly 15 answers and you do not bother to reply?

Admins, it seems like we have a troll here!

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He’s part of the “Is Meteor dead?” crowd. :laughing:

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I also love the “I’m using TypeScript but am not telling you about it!” people :slight_smile:

Who, of course, regularly run into TypeScript-related issues…


this forum is super helpful… people will patiently guide you through stuff, but you have to do the work yourself.

“tell me how to do this exact thing even though i don’t understand what i am trying to do and cannot explain my problem”, is generally ignored.