Isn't meteor the mostest awesomestest? Yes it is. I have proof!

I just received this today. Apparently it had arrived but been stashed away by a friend for the past few weeks.

I really am at a loss for words.

All the awesome swag put aside, the emphasis on craftsmanship, the lovely packaging and foremost the handwritten message from @nickcoe wow!

Thank you man, writing down a personal note to god knows how many people is just not a man of your calibre would do just by job definition, it rather shows how genuinly you, on behalf of the whole MDG team, care.

Thank you!


Feeling envious right now. I was late to the show and applied for a shirt late last year, haven’t heard anything and left the old company where I was doing some meteor work… :frowning:

Looks awesome! Not sure about the shades though… went to a facebook event in sydney recently and they had those same UV protected cheap shades.

I would buy all my groceries with that Meteor bag. :smile: Very snazzy