Issues Updating meteor from to 2.3.2

I’m trying to update Meteor from version to 2.3.2. In the projects directory I do

meteor update --release 2.3.2

but got

meteor update --release 2.3.2
=> Errors while initializing project:

While selecting package versions:
error: Conflict: Constraint accounts-password@1.3.3 is not satisfied by accounts-password 2.0.0.
Constraints on package "accounts-password":
* accounts-password@2.0.0 <- top level
* accounts-password@~2.0.0 <- top level
* accounts-password@1.3.3 <- lepozepo:restivus 0.8.14

I have 2 questions:
Why does meteor update does not resolve the needed packages to the correct versions?

What’s the solution for my particular issue?

Thank’s a lot.

  1. lepozepo:restivus is a community package. Thus, the author must update it.

  2. the solution
    lepozepo:restivus must be updated. You can download it and place it under the packages folder and then update the package.json in the lepozepo:restivus to resolve the issue. You will see accounts-password@1.3.3 change it with accounts-password@2.0.0

I think there won’t be an issue for lepozepo:restivus.

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I am not sure if I understand it.

The author of GitHub - kahmali/meteor-restivus: REST APIs for the Best of Us! - A Meteor 0.9+ package for building REST APIs must update the package.json and change




Is that right?

Yes but you can do it in your local.

Open a new folder (packages) in your project. Download the package (lepozepo:restivus) into the packages folder and update it.

Meteor will load your local package instead of atmosphere.

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guncebektas, thanks for your help.

Can you please explain to me why I run into this problem when I update my project to Meteor v2.3.2 but not when I create a new project with

meteor create my-new-project --release 2.3.2

You are using lepozepo:restivus package in your existing project and it’s an outdated project (the latest update was 5 years ago) and has a conflict with accounts-password. It seems there is a breaking change on accounts-password.

The new project doesn’t include lepozepo:restivus. Becaouse of this, you are not facing with an issue.

1.6 to 2.3 is a big change. The best way to update a Meteor app is following the Migration Steps showed in the Changelog to each version.

There are many small steps you need to do and you can have sure that your app is running well.


This package is already adapted for meteor 2.3 or higher and is based on the original code of “meteor-restivus”.

meteor add darkblade:restivus-mtr2.3

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