Join forces to create an open-source alternative to Airdroid?

I realized the other day how awfully easy it would be to write a meteor app that provides much of the same functionality as Airdroid, except that it would be android+ios at the same time if we do it right. All the data syncing is already done by meteor, of course, and hence it mostly becomes a task of:

  1. finding the appropriate cordova plugins for things like sending SMS, writing into the clipboard, and managing the filesystem (easy),
  2. create a mobile app front-end (easy using meteor-ionic or similar), and
  3. writing a web front-end (now that is really hard ;-))

If we want to get fancy, we could even build an electron (aka atom-shell) client for the desktop.

Anyone interested in joining forces and giving it a shot?

Interesting idea! In fact, this would help improve Meteor recognition as well.

I haven’t got too much spare time at my hands, but I’d still want to chip in as much as possible!

Great! I’ve create a repo with the code I have so far and added you as a collaborator.

It already allows: copying text into clipboard, open a web page, open an address in maps, dialing a number, and sending an sms. But I feel there are more things one might want to add.

Wow, you’ve actually gone ahead, cool!

Unfortunately I won’t be able to chip in much until the beginning of October, but till then, I’ll be keeping on eye on that space.

I’ve deployed a first version on and published the corresponding android app:

I have not tried it on iOS yet.

Do you have an iPhone or an Android?


Whoa! I havent even yet been able to look at the code and you’ve gone ahead and almost completed a full-featured app! Wow!

I just with I had an android device though :frowning:

Hi sir, im just going to ask if calling in pc to mobile has become one of the features of Typhone?

Not sure I understand the question. What do you mean by “calling in pc to mobile”? Do you mean voice chat between your PC and linked mobile? If that is the question then the answer is no. But it would be fairly easy to add that feature, because we already have a webrtc connection for the file transfer. If you are so inclined, feel free to implement that and create a PR.

Sorry for my bad constructed question sir, but what I meant about that is if we could use our pc to receive or even make a call, thankyou again sir

oh I see. Cool idea! But no, unfortunately, you can’t. But again, it’s open-source, so feel free to tinker with that idea. I’m not actually sure this is possible with cordova. Do you know of any cordova plugin that provides access to the cell phone service?

Hello Everyone!
just wanted to know if anyone is still working on this topic?

Not very actively working on it, but is still active ( Pull requests are welcome if you want to contribute.

@chfritz actually I am final year student of software engineering and currently working on final year project and trying to build an app which provides functionalities of airdroid in a better way. I have some questions regarding your approach why are you not using paw server for building your app?

@chfritz it is not scanning correctly when I run it on localhost what can be the issue?

@chfritz and also how have you made the android app?

Building mobile apps on a Windows system is not yet supported.
This is the error I am getting when I try to run this command meteor run android-device to deploy my app and test on android. Is there seriously no way of running it on android from windows??? Any help???