Just found react-templates. Is this good?

I’m not sure if I would use it, I don’t mind JSX, but for anyone who likes pure HTML templates (for designers!), it seems interesting.

It had been mentioned before. Frankly, it looks to me like angularified react LOL :slight_smile:


I do wish there was a nicer way to do loops and conditionals in JSX, but I hate using attributes for that - rt-if="condition" IMO is no better than { condition && ... }. I think this is one place that Blaze and Spacebars really nailed, by adopting the more comfortable imperative-looking approach that looks just like a regular if statement.

Not a best practice in React and not recommended by many. You’ll get used to React style.


Agreed. I just keep hearing about people not liking JSX… and I imagine designers want to load up a plain html template in a browser… but then I think really who does that? If you can learn HTML, you can learn some minimal JSX.