Kadira is gonna be shut down where's the docker file?

Arunoda leaves us and said that kadira.io is gonna be shut down in the 28th february but he said he’ll offer a docker image so we can still use his amazing product but as only 1 week left before shut down I’m worried : where’s the docker image ? At the end of the last year he also said

We’ll provide more updates about this soon.

but 2 months later I didn’t see any updates. Kadira is really great it would be an huge lose for everyone if there’ll be no way to use it anymore but I probably miss something as nobody reacts.

Here is the latest information (sent via email):

Hi there,

Few months ago, we were promised to release a self-hosted version of Kadira at the end of this month (Feb 2017).

But we were trying (and still working on it) to migrate the maintenance of Kadira to some other party. With that, you could use Kadira as is and there won’t be any migration process.

That’s why we didn’t release the self-hosted version yet.

We haven’t finalized those discussion yet. So, we won’t terminate Kadira services by end of this month. We’ll be running it for at-least another two months.

Arunoda from Kadira.

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Thanks @XTA

I thought it’ll reach all our registered users.