Launching an ambitious "open source" project, looking for contributors

Hi everyone!

So, I’ve talked about this project a bit in the relevant thread: What projects are you guys working on?

In a few words, some kind of wordpress + reddit super-app powered by Meteor for now. It’s in line with initiatives trying to transform the web deeply, like Solid or Holochain, but I am taking a user experience first approach, instead of a tech oriented one. Meteor is a great fit here, allowing for complex dynamic UIs without worrying about the basic stuff.

But there’s way more to the project than the app concept. I wrote open source in quotes in the title for this reason. It shares most aspects, but the main difference is that I’d like contributions to be paid. I want the whole thing to be a work opportunity for devs, not something they sink free time into, because it’s cool or needed. I believe it’s both of those things, but I also have designed a business model that allows for professionalization of contributors, so, why not!

That’s the opportunity I’m sharing with you here. The app itself is very meta, and can be used for a wide range of use case (much like wordpress), so there’s actually a few opportunities.

Working on the core:
There will always be improvements to be made in that area, but some I’d consider critical before public launch. Internationalization, dynamic imports, core UI design, mainly. Some experienced devops look would probably be valuable, too. I’m willing to put money out of my own pocket for some of those, or a share of future income, for the believers :smiley:

Working on modules:
Those are meant to be tied to specific use cases, so hopefully with a customer down the line. I don’t have one yet, haven’t started hunting, but if you recently secured a contract and haven’t made a specific tech choice yet, we can talk about a collaboration. You’ll even get to keep the client’s money, I’ll pay myself in share of future income!
Even without a customer, if you want to code a useful module, you can get a share as well. I’m not prepared to give my own money for that now, but the whole system is still meant to count your contribution and reward you…eventually :smiley:

Mh, that pretty much it for the opportunities…
Right now, it’s just me and a private repo. I have a specific roadmap for the evolution of the business model, but the idea is to keep it as simple as possible for as long as possible. It will all eventually end up legally locked in as a digital common good under Swiss juridiction, but this costs 50k, so, yeah. If we can build on trust for a while, all the better :smiley: I don’t want to open it too much, too soon, but the endgame is a distributed ecosystem working on top of open source/standards/governance/everything.

Not sure what else to say, I’m posting on an impulse to get things actually started. So, anyone interested? Willing to help, maybe? I have pretty much everything to learn, I’m good at meteor, overly complex architecture design, and… taichi? So, any piece of advice is welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading! I’m looking forward to any reaction you may have!

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