Let's see in Heidelberg, Germany

Okay, this is not in US or even Frankfurt,
it’s just Heidelberg,
but I want to have a real talk with real person for Meteor :wink:

I can’t find any meet up or something,
and although this is second Lockdown here,
I think we could have a community activity on/offline as well.

Join here- :wink:
I could fly with my bike-

Sounds good, sent you a PM. :blush:

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Okay, here’s a progress- Still you guys have a chance to join here ~ :wink:

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Definitely. We have lots of space in our co-working space in Bruchsal, so if anyone from the Karlsruhe / Heidelberg / Mannheim / Stuttgart region wants to meet up, just let us know.


Hi, I am from Heidelberg: office in Heidelberg (close to Main Station) and living in Schriesheim…



Hallo @scharf
I just forgot to say thanks to @waldgeist for giving me a lot of inspiration,
We had a great meet up last week on his office at Bruchsal.

We might have another meetup for fun in Heidelberg or somewhere-

Glad to see you-
and let’s make some appointment-

I am not anywhere nearby to Heidelberg or Frankfurt but I would love to see some community meetups in Germany. Would you guys consider online, too?

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@jkuester Hey jan-
Of course it could be one of a good choice in these Covid-Life,
and it’s gonna be great if you join us.

If we could move on online meetup,
then we might open another thread for tiny-global-meteor-concert? :wink:

What do you think @scharf-

hey @kakadais @waldgeist @scharf what do you think about the Meetups? https://blog.meteor.com/new-meteor-meetups-b1fca07b49c3

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@jkuester Sounds like ordinary meteor impact. Looks good to go- Could you be the organizer for this area? :wink:

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I like the idea and was already tempted to create a meetup for the Southwest of Germany. But as I am super busy, I hesitated to take the first step :slight_smile:

I am also wondering if there’s a lot of Meteor guys still out here. I met a couple, but all in-person meetups in my region kinda died out over time.

Maybe we should start with a DACH online meetup instead - and split things up into sub-regions once we know how big the interest actually is?


That is the general idea. For example Meteor Prague is currently placeholder for all of Czechia and beyond until people gather and more local groups can be generated.

Let’s chat on on setting things up for you guys.

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I like the DACH idea very much as it would gather a few more people and help to establish new structures. I will take over the organization for now until we have formed groups for each.

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@storyteller Agree-. I think there was a several attemption already and this post one was also the same approach.
This forum is best place for meteor for now, but there aren’t enough actual meteor user to keep watching here.
I think we need a next move something like a live chat or online meetup.

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Added Heidelberg as a location option. And made a group page for you:

Haha, yeah thanks, there wasn’t a Heidelberg option.

Sounds great. Happy to jump on a call to discuss a potential agenda for a first meetup.

Just saw that it’s now Meteor Deutsch, I think this makes much sense. How can I add myself to that group?

Go to your profile settings and under meteor groups find and add Meteor Deutsch. Or optionally add a German location (let me know if you have created a new one so that I can add it to the filter).

I might be blind, but I can’t see that option anywhere on my profile screen, on neither of the tabs? The only Meteor related thing is the Meteor forum username.