Links not working in IE8

I created a video site, where clicking on a thumbnail or video link loads up the full size video on another template. Everything works fine on newer browsers except for IE8.

Clicking the link doesn’t do anything. All it does is update the URL, however it adds a “#!”, which does not appear on other browsers. See screenshot for more details. In addition, I also get an “Exception from Tracker recompute function” message in the console, but it doesn’t come with any other details other than that. See screenshot.

Have any of you guys had this issue, any suggestions on what’s causing this and how it can be fixed?


You’ll need to read through and and figure out what you’ll need to do with IE8. I think it is doable. As far as I know, #! are needed for IE8 to function so iron router puts them there deliberately.

@serkandurusoy Thanks for the tips. I’ll see what I can find.