Linux's Meteor install now works natively on Windows


Thanks to the new Windows bash, as of Microsoft’s latest Windows update (today, April 22) Ubuntu’s Meteor is working great on Windows.

It actually seems to be working better, and easier, than MDG’s Windows binaries.

I did a short write up of the experience here.


Awesome thanks for sharing as for copy/paste needs clicks I think you can use CMDER for that it will run bash shell behind the scenes but much better console.

the downside is you can’t really use atom editor? Hmm makes the whole console kinda useless for me.


Wow this is amazing! Can’t wait to hear more about what works and what doesn’t. If down the road this means we can eliminate the special Windows build, that would be absolutely spectacular.


This. There were many bugs reported just for the Windows build because of the differences of how Windows handles files, etc. Having only one build (with some tweaks maybe to accommodate for Windows host) would be a win for everybody.

The problem though is that Bash for Windows only works in Windows 10, so we would need to drop support for previous Windows versions.


Yeah, I spent 5 months implementing those differences… would love to get that part of my life back, but I’d settle for just deleting them, too!


A lot of enterprises don’t upgrade that fast and are still on Windows 7. So dropping support for windows 7 would mean losing those enterprises standardized on Windows and not providing the option to run Linux.


Seems as if we’re exchanging one set of bugs for another, at least for the moment:

This is straight clone from one of my repositories which is usually working under both Linux and Windows.


Have the same bug:


@tomgrek You forgot last slash and “----s://” (not “http”) in your article while “curling” the repo :slight_smile:

  1. If I understood correctly I can’t install atom in subsystem and use inside it? (I installed but I failed to run)
  2. Also I have to use “sudo meteor create sample_app” and “sudo meteor”
  3. Could’t install meteor first, did it that way:
    curl > sudo sh


I am facing the exact same issue. I’m on Windows 10 build# 14328


On further investigation, I believe it is somehow due to additional packages in my project. Hence, I did a meteor create todo, cd todo, meteor It works perfectly fine. I can also open the webapp in Chrome:

Below is the list of packages being used in my project:


On a different note, to use Atom installed within Windows as editor; for a project created within Windows Ubuntu system, I tried the below:

  1. cd /mnt/d/winux
  2. meteor create todo
  3. cd todo
  4. meteor

Voila, I can sure open the project in Atom editor, but :sweat:
I see the below error when trying to run the project


You cannot run a Meteor project that way. Because under /mnt/ you have the mounted Windows drives (usually NTFS) which do not support symlinks - that’s why you get that particular error.

You have to run everything in the virtual Linux filesystem (which is anything but the /mnt/* folders).


@rohanray Sorry, could you please explain how you open ubuntu project in Atom installed on W10?


@yanis: You don’t do it this way because you can open it but you simply cannot run it.

Plus, as my example shows, as soon as you go beyond the “click me” template, it won’t work anyway.

So, currently, forget it and wait for something to change.


Yes, you are right! Did not realize that :slight_smile:


@rhywden I got my meteor project working by upgrading meteor to Can you check if upgrading meteor to works for you?

Just an FYI: Bash on Windows 10 now available

@rohanray Tried it with mantra-sample-blog-app - FAILED :frowning:


Nope. It’s actually meteor-tools themselves which bomb out, leaving you with a non-working meteor installation.


Update: Everything seems to be working now!

I’ve only heard about Windows 10’s bash today. Installed the bash application, installed meteor, installed node, installed npm. Minor errors in the process. Now running meteor on windows with all the code refresh speed of linux. This should be better publicized somewhere in the Meteor community as it’s one of the biggest criticisms among Windows users.

My process:

  • Installed Windows Bash by following:
  • Installed meteor via “curl | sh”
  • Tried running “meteor” command on existing project. Bash returned a promises related error and exited. Tried running “meteor reset” and received message that it could not be executed because meteor was already running, even though there was no server at localhost:3000. Tried running meteor again. Did not receive promises error, but received an npm related error.
  • Installed node and npm via “sudo apt-get update”, “sudo apt-get install nodejs”, “sudo apt-get install npm”
  • Ran “meteor” - everything working smoothly


I get:

seba@KORCLT29912:~$ curl | sh
  % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current
                                 Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed
100  7592    0  7592    0     0  18983      0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:-- 19027
Downloading Meteor distribution

curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 403 Forbidden
Retrying download in 5 seconds...

Edit: so this is probably a general issue and not related to bash on windows.
The tarball it tries to download is:

which indeed gives a 403 error. Created an issue: