Login using external API

Can you pls let me know what is the best way to implement login by calling an external login API? Meteor needs to get the user data and need to post the data to the external api for authentication and authorization. Based on the external api response the user will be authenticated and authorized to view other pages in the meteor web client/

If the external api is oauth, you could easily fork one of the oauth based accounts packages and change a few pieces of code.

There are also accounts packages with ldap and cas.

What kind of api are you referring to exactly?

its an api which accepts username, password, an app key and generates a token if its an authenticated user . the user will use the token to access rest of the api operations once logged in. Is it best to just call the login api from the server method call and use a boot strap login screen to accept the user name and password? Or is there any better way to do login using an external api?

Along with @serkandurusoy, it really just depends on what external (3rd party) API you are planning to use. That’s going to determine the its implementation. For the most part, there’s generally a package out there that handles most popular API’s such as accounts-google, accounts-twitter, accounts-facebook, etc.

@vrangan did you ever solve it? Seems like that validating external server which is not oAuth or LDAP is barely covered.