Looking For A Meteor Team [Ignore]

Apologies, please ignore this post.

What do you exactly mean by this:

We ask that you look at it as a working experience until after the application has launched officially, after that you will be entitled to being paid from its earnings.

Also, you should consider posting at http://www.weworkmeteor.com and perhaps also provide some more details that would not reveal the task but describe the job as an experience and your expectations.

Congrats on choosing Meteor, even though you are not yourselves yet experienced with it. Bold decision, but I’m sure it will pay out in the long run.


I would advise you to overthink starting a project like that. An ambitious project with an unexperienced meteor lead developer and 4 developers you might not know very well doesn´t seem like a good fit.

Also not paying your devlopers up front will raise the chance of loosing them in the middle on the project.


hahaha, surprising there are serious replies to a post like this

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Do people sign NDA’s pre-product? I know I wouldn’t.

Thanks to those with actual serious responses. Please ignore this topic.