Looking for Galaxy in other AWS regions?

It’s now been two weeks since the announcement of Galaxy Europe. Since then, we’ve enjoyed seeing many new apps migrate to Galaxy and take advantage of the eu-west-1 region. We’ve also received requests to roll Galaxy out to other regions as well. Since we want to formally capture this interest, we’ve set up a form where you can request any available Amazon ECS region. We’ll prioritize our rollout plans based on this feedback and we’ll also notify you when your requested region is available.

Submit your requests for Galaxy regions here »


Hi guys. Great work getting EU going and glad to see you’ll have more soon.

Before we go any further though wouldn’t it be a really good idea to try improve how regions are dealt with? Currently I have to go to different URLs to see my Apps deployed in US and EU, I have to configure different DNS entries and I have to deploy using a different deploy URL.

Is there really no way we could just say when deploying -zone=“eu-west-1” and then monitor everything from galaxy.meteor.com ? The current implementation seems less than perfect to me.

Will new regions continue this pattern? It would be awesome if the region was at a container level. Then I could monitor my app at galaxy.meteor.com and deploy containers in the regions I need. Is this possible with the current approach ?

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Hey Mark–

We’ve also been thinking about this-- to provide an overview-level dashboard where you can monitor all your deployments. At the the moment, each stack is intentionally kept completely separated to accommodate EU data protection regulations, as well as to ensure low latency when accessing the Galaxy interface. I’ll pass your feedback about region specificity on the container level to our product managers though. Please keep the feedback coming!