Deploy to Galaxy Europe starting today!

We are excited to announce that Galaxy, the easiest way to deploy Meteor apps, is now generally available in Europe! If you have data locality requirements or simply want better performance for European users, you can now enjoy zero devops deployments that run in Galaxy’s AWS EU West (Dublin) region.

If you have a Galaxy account on the latest pay-as-you-go plan (not Developer Edition), your account has been automatically enabled to deploy to the Galaxy Europe region. If you don’t have a Galaxy account yet, you can sign up for one here. Pricing for Galaxy Europe starts at $.04 per hour for a 512MB compact container (pro-rated to the millisecond).

Discover how to deploy to your choice of AWS regions, including US East or EU West (Dublin), in our deployment guide and deploy to Europe today!


Q. How much does it cost to run an app in Galaxy Europe?

Ans. Container usage in Galaxy Europe is priced at $0.08 per GB hour (pro-rated to the millisecond).

Q. Can I deploy apps in both Galaxy US and Europe from the same Galaxy account?

Ans. Yes. For Galaxy accounts on the latest pay-as-you-go plan, you can choose whether to deploy your Meteor app to Galaxy US or EU.

Q. Where should I host my database if I use Galaxy Europe?

Ans. You should host your database in AWS eu-west-1 region (Dublin) to maximize performance of your app. Popular Mongo PaaS providers like mLab and offer database hosting options in the same AWS EU region as Galaxy, so we recommend matching the location of your Galaxy app and Mongo hosting.

Q. How do I migrate an existing app from Galaxy US to Europe?

Ans. We recommend re-deploying an existing Galaxy US app to Galaxy Europe as a new app. Please make sure your database is also hosted in the same AWS EU-West region to minimize latency. Once deployed to Galaxy Europe, you can then decide to keep your pre-existing app on Galaxy US or to stop/delete it.

Q. Can I use Galaxy containers across different regions to run a single app?

Ans. You cannot deploy a single app that has containers spread across multiple regions. Our recommended best practice is to deploy the same app code to each region, and select a different domain name for those apps (e.g.,

Q. I’m currently on Galaxy Developer Edition. Why can’t I deploy to Galaxy Europe?

Ans. Galaxy Europe is not available to Galaxy Developer Edition users. If you are currently on Galaxy Developer Edition, you will need to upgrade to the latest pay-as-you-go Galaxy plan to deploy to Galaxy Europe. As part of this upgrade, you’ll also get a number of production features (e.g. larger container options, auto SSL certs, SEO support, high availability, etc.). Pricing for this new plan starts at $0.035 per container for US and $0.04 per container for Europe. Please contact to upgrade.


Very excited for the news. Thank you MDG!

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Great news!

What the MDG’s view on ISO/IEC 27002 (information security) certification and now ISO/IEC 27017 (on the cloud), which I know that at least some enterprises require, and on geographical redundancy within either Europe / US (same point re-enterprises and complicated by the privacy laws because they may require geographical redundancy within Europe.

A Galaxy world is a good one. Are these here or on the MDG plan to target enterprise and if so what kind of timing should we plan for to manage expectations?!

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I get Error deploying application: Internal error when I try to deploy the app with: meteor deploy --settings settings.json

{ "": { ... } }

and i tried this as well:

{ "": { ... } }

Additional info:


I’m having a similar Internal error just after the deploy script hits Uploading...

I am having the same issue deploying to EU.

Resolved, I got confused :slight_smile:
Also, this announcement conflicts with the email:
Pricing for Galaxy Europe starts at $.04 per hour for a 512MB compact container (pro-rated to the millisecond).
Is it 0.04 or 0.08?

Resolved as well, I have large containers available and auto SSL:
Also, how can I know if I’m on Galaxy Developer Edition or Pay as you go?

The email states 0.04 per 512MB instance, the release above states 0.08 per GB, thus consistent.


Why i can’t select my region in the Container Tab and scale up US or EU?

It seems to be to complicated at the moment and i also get Internal Error if i want deploy to EU.

Same error here:

Error deploying application: Internal error

Any news on this?

When I used the same domain to deploy to eu-west-1, I also got the Internal Error. Deploying to a new domain worked. I then deleted the app at the old domain in Galaxy and deployed to it again. That time I got no Internal Error and I can see the deployed app here
I can’t access it yet though.
I also couldn’t find a way to easily switch mLab regions, I had to backup and restore to a new DB.

We’re still in development, so not a big problem for us, but probably for others.

So, logs show that MONGO_URL is not found. I tried with both and as parents in my settings.json, both threw the same error.

That’s what I thought it was too, but had no luck with it.

So, I managed to deploy using export and then running my normal deploy command.
But if I look at my profile at it says I have 14 containers running instead of just 1. This must be from my previous attemts I presume.

Moving the app from my own profile to my organization made the extra 13 containters go away.

@vnistor What’s in your settings.json as the top level? or or something else entirely?

I have:
{ “env”: {


I did export
And then ran the command I usually run to deploy.


I cannot see the app in the usual, just at

Hi ruben and vnistor,

The Europe and US regions have two different management interface URLs, representative of the fact that the apps are being run in two different AWS regions. Apps running in Galaxy Europe will only show up in the Galaxy Europe management interface.

The Galaxy US management interface is available at the same URL:

The Galaxy Europe management interface is available at:

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You seem to be right about the top-level in the JSON.
Did you export CNAME or add it to your settings.json? I currently just use a subdomain, so I haven’t had to use it before, but maybe this is why it’s not working.
Now I tried doing both. Still can’t access the app, but logs are error-free.

@rohit2b I know, that’s where I’m checking.

No, I have that in the DNS settings as a CNAME. No CNAME in my JSON file. Just mentioned it as a setting that should be changed in order to have the app be live.

@ruben, for Europe we’ve set up as the free domain name space that points to our Galaxy Europe region. If you deploy to <your subdomain>, you should not hit DNS issues then with your app in Galaxy Europe.

That’s what I’ve been missing! Cheers.