Looking for valid meteorjs app benchmarks on ARM devices

Hi, I am provide currently a meteor.js fork running on a growing number of ARM based hackerboards like UDOO, Raspberry, Beaglebone, ODROID, Banana Pi and others. Read more here on forum

So I had the idea to create a valid benchmark app for meteorjs, nodejs and mongodb. I guess not to have only a few numbering benchmarks as already available for nodejs and mongo but a suitable test-app to get an indicator what might be performant board types for running standalone solutions based on meteorjs. Those might be solutions like home automation and IoT but also media players, home servers, personal mobile server and so on.

Who has some idea what kind of app functions should be tested to get suitable values.


  • documents uploads / minute
  • documents downloads / minute
  • indexing and searching documents
  • image and video postprocessings while upload
  • concurrent access to data (most reading data)
  • compression and encryption
  • MQTT message throughput (in combination with on board running rabittMQ / mosquito)
  • processor and io load during meteor server operations


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I started tonight with some first trial benchmarks on a UDOO QUAD, ODROID U3 and RASPBERRY Model B.

First of all I have to say that any device is running pretty fast and they will allow great backend devices. There are some significant performance differences between RASPBERRY and the others but this is not surprising - less CPU power, less memory - but still satifying.

I will try to continue to find some suitable measurements - your ideas and help are welcome.

Hi Tom,

I like the idea. Since I’d like to build a docker cluster running some nodejs-mongodb-pods for meteor, I’m curious about the performance of ARM devices for that task. I’ve already got some Raspberry Pi 2B boards set up with a clustered file system and am currently trying to get docker working on it (OverlayFS is an issue).

When that’s working I would like to check the performance on these systems. Would you like to share your current benchmark code? I’d like to run it on my raspberry-cluster; Maybe they are fast enough to have cheap, production ready, self-hosted meteor-platform.

I also want to compare the Raspi2 with the ODROID-C1 (1GBit/s ethernet, faster storage-bus).
Maybe there is some room for collaboration :smile:

Kind regards (Gruss nach Hamburg),

Hi Stephan,

we are still brainstorming about sensefull metrics and tests for a meteor application benchmark. I will create a GitHub project for that when we come to that point. If you have some ideas please let me know, we are really interested.

By now I can confirm, that meteors performs well on small ARM devices. As by now we are supporting small teams with up to 12 peoples with no problems.

Great and fast devices are also ODROID-U3. The C1 is laying next to me but not yet testes ;-).

I am open to any collaborations if those are usefull for you and us. Are you connected to the Hamburger Meteor MeetUp group?


Hi Tom,

yes, it has a great processor and 2GB of RAM, but im concerned about the the 100MBit/s NIC. Especially since I plan to have a distributed file system running on it, too. Too bad, actually, otherwise it’s a great board (on the paper).

Well, I get invitations from Meetup, but haven’t been there yet. From Oldenburg it’s not that far., though. I will visit one of the next meetings for sure.