Looking forward to Apollo preview


That’s already a thing! http://docs.apollostack.com/

It’s not coupled to Meteor releases in any way.

Coming soon: Meteor 1.4

Is this already usable on a semi-production ready level? Aka, could we use this in an MVP now? Perhaps even with customers?

Btw I tried looking at the source code of the Apollo repos but gave up quickly when I saw it’s Typescript. Is there going to be something like methods to use that are view layer agnostic or does every view layer need it’s own implementation?

Haven’t had enough time to look into the source code but I’m guessing if there’s methods to connect to then it’s easy to at least have a quick hack for polymer components.


Yes, please do this, report any bugs, and contribute! A couple of people are already using this in production, and we plan to start incorporating it into the production Galaxy UI in the coming weeks.

Right there in the docs! http://docs.apollostack.com/apollo-client/core.html

If there’s an easy way to hook up Observables to Polymer, then it should be trivial to use with Polymer components!

Basically, just call watchQuery: http://docs.apollostack.com/apollo-client/core.html#watchQuery, that’s exactly what the React integration does.


Cool, thanks! That’s very helpful I’ll have a look at it during the weekend and see if I can hack something!