Making a web page crawler, available packages?


Hello All.

I am looking for available Meteor packages that will help me crawl through a webpage and perform functions such as ‘login’ and navigate further into the site. Are there any such packages… I’ve come across a couple but they lack documentation and I’m not sure what available functions / methods exist.

thanks :smile:


Did you try any of these: or


Hm, xray looks decent, actually! (

I was wondering though why you, @rrrrrraul, are looking for Meteor packages for that when you should be (from my point of view; that is, I would be!) looking for npm packages for that and specifically how I can use phantomjs (from node) in order to do the crawling I need, and maybe look for packages that build on phantomjs etc, that make it easier for me to do what I need in terms of crawling and page interaction. :panda_face:


I’m actually trying out anonyfox:scrape at the moment. Thanks for replying =)


@seekr, interesting. I just didn’t know. MeteorJS is the closest i’ve got to node (i know it’s somewhere there under the hood). I’ll look into phantomjs.


Hey, scrape maintainer here. I’d love to hear your experiences with scrape!

I’m refactoring it right now and any feedback could be incorporated.