Mantra React Hotrealoding since Meteor 1.4

I’ve been using the mantra framework recently for some projects now. With Meteor 1.4 and the new mongodb version I had to update gadicc:ecmascript-hot which handled hot reloading for me.

No I’m using gadicc:ecmascript-hot@2.0.0-beta.6 and can’t get it to work with mantra again. Before it was just plug and code. How can I get it to work again?
They do have an explanation in their docs But I can’t get it to work…
I attached my boilerplate repo which is updated to 1.4 but lacks hot reloading. Maybe someone with more knowledge can take a look into it.

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The same thing is happening to me.

I saw your thread Meteor 1.4 hot-build
My build starts and everything boots up fine. But I don’t know how to implement hotreloading at this point.
Check out my boilerplate in order to find whats causing your app to crash.