MantraJs alternatives

Hi Guys,

Please suggest an alternative application structure like mantra.
Mantra is great but I feel like it’s been abandoned already and I also would like to learn new things.

Thank you.

I am still doing projects with mantra. The spec is more than just a library (in fact mantra-core-library is tiny),

but i still hope there will be some more momentum on mantra, because the spec is pretty good

Mantra has not been totally abandoned :

¡ Risen from the ashes! Meteor Mantra Kickstarter refurb ¡

Right now, I’m working towards releasing a version that uses Apollo and Uniforms, entirely encapsulated in a single npm module. The module will work the same as this recently released one that works with the kick starter’s original tcomb-form client forms and the usual Meteor MongoDB stuff.

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