We need a new, maintained fork of meteorhacks:kadira

Let’s face it - Kadira is/was amazing. It had all the interesting hooks you need into a Meteor application. Even though meteor has evolved since then, the existing hooks are still in all the seams and boundaries where we need them (methods and publications and errors).

We still need it.

We can now run our own kadira server (thanks @sashko @arunoda).

We’ve got a guide and info to setup our own kadira server…

But the package is falling behind and could be improved

Lets make a new Kadira Package

Needs (as I see them)

  1. remove jquery dependency (maybe in favor of fetch?)
  2. simplify sending kadira metrics/errors to locally hosted kadira server
  3. simplify sending kadira metrics/errors to any kadira server
  4. simplify sending kadira metrics/errors to any other monitoring service

Here are some really interesting forks I’ve found when researching:

tulip @benweissmann


  • has README updates (bonus points)
  • Kadira’s time-sync capability
  • Connection to the Kadira hosted platform
  • adds generic event hooks Kadira.onError and Kadira.onMetrics



  • adds newrelic support



  • switch to “namespace” vs. app_id
  • add datadog / statsd client
  • add loggly client
  • replaces jquery with Meteor.call (interesting hijack to use meteor methods vs. AJAX but limiting and probably bad form)



  • replaces jquery with APM.insert() (interesting hijack to use meteor methods vs. AJAX but limiting and probably bad form)



Of all of those I think tulips fork is the most promising… Ideally the other clients could be “addons” or extra packages (or even example configurations for) a generic set of event handlers for metrics and errors.

  • <forkname>-core
  • <forkname>-kadira
  • <forkname>-newrelic
  • <forkname>-loggly
  • <forkname>-datadog

I kinda dislike the lack of the NTP sync/service, but again, that could be an optional thing, in an “addon” package

  • <forkname>-kadira-ntp

Anyone want to start this? Want to volunteer to maintain it? Want to come up with a new fork & name? Want to point out what I’m missing…

@benweissmann @jraede @jamesgibson14 @ramr @lnader @brucejo

(this could be a great project if you are looking for an easy contribution)


I’m more then willing to contribute, but I cannot take any lead on this.

Yes my method is definitely different, I store the data in MongoDB directly and I built my own UI. It works just fine for my needs (viewing most errors and optimizing methods and subscriptions). I would be willing to help contribute to a new common fork.

We are using NewRelic for other parts of our app so it made sense to consolidate the Kadira metrics into NewRelic. We would be happy to port our code to whatever format the community decides in regards to future package/repo structure for Kadira. The main goal is to keep Kadira going and improving. Your contributions to Riffyn’s fork of Kadira are welcome.