Meteor 1.2.1 Released

Today we are pleased to announce the release of Meteor 1.2.1, an incremental release building on Meteor 1.2 with some great improvements and bug fixes. There are no breaking changes in this release from Meteor 1.2, so feel free to upgrade your apps by running the following command in your application directory: "meteor update --release 1.2.1"

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This release is also available for the ARM architectures and OS universal

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After upgrading Meteor to 1.2.1 and flemay:less-autoprefixer to 1.2.0 I noticed twice faster builds and three times faster rebuilds. They’re still slow but it’s a step in good direction. Thanks!

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I think that’s because flemay:less-autoprefixer finally updated to the new caching-enabled build plugin API :]

What’s slow for you? Are you using any other build plugins? How long does it take for your project to rebuild?

Seems Meteor installer on Windows 10 is still broken.

It’s not my “get work done” OS but would like to run Meteor on a side Windows laptop. Looking at how many Windows users switched to Windows 10 and at the significant boost of Meteor users after Meteor for Windows became available I’d imagine a functioning Windows installer would have a bit more priority than being left broken for weeks.

Yeah I’ve been waiting for flemay:less-autoprefixer to switch, I’m glad it’s done now.

After this change, I think the main reason things remain slow for me is low-end PC I use. I’m pretty sure it would work fine on modern PC.

But to answer the questions…

Right now my build times vary between 40-65 seconds and rebuild around 15-20 seconds for a one character change in a client file, around 20-25 seconds for a change in a file used on both client and server (not counting the time needed for hot reload). That’s way faster than it used to be before updating less-autoprefixer.

Of course that’s for a situation when I update just one file, which is quite artificial - usually I want to update few files at the same time.

What I use is Coffee, Jade, Less for Semantic UI, Stylus for additional CSS, some dependencies use Browserify, Babel and stuff.

The app is small, with all files in a few packages except for CSS.

@sashko Could you please elaborate on this caching-enabled plugin? Can’t find anything in the repo / docs about it.

There’s a new API introduced in Meteor 1.2 for build plugins that enables smarter caching. You can read some short docs about it here:

The best way to learn about it is to look at the updated code for the core build plugins, like less, coffeescript, or ecmascript.

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Great news, the update was smooth. Thanks

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Great News :smile:

Sanjay Kumar

I got out of memory while updating…

My application is crashing after updating to 1.2.1;
update failed: Access --debug.js:41

@brajt Sorry for the wait. I’d be very curious to know the build time of your project with the core package less compare to flemay:less-autoprefixer.

@flemay don’t be sorry, it’s not like I really had to wait for anything. I’m very happy with your package! The build times are fault of my low end desktop in the first place.

I’m not sure my project would even work with core less package, as flemay:less-autoprefixer is a dependency of Semantic UI and I believe they had reasons for that choice.

Is there a chance of moving to Node 4.0 in the future? It’s making working with node kind of annoying lately.

You can still test the compilation time with less package. Your project does not need to work in order to get the measurement. :slight_smile: